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We have a wide range of cushions in various colours and textures to suit any home. Visit us in store to view a selection or ask our staff for alternative options.

Armitage Cushion
-15 %
Model: Armitage
The Armitage Cushion is 100% cotton with a feather filled inner. It comes in Duck Egg Blue or Sea Blue.Dimensions (mm)500 x 500..
$61.63 $72.50
Ex Tax:$61.63
Charlotte Cushion
-15 %
Model: Charlotte
Part of the Victoria Collection, the Charlotte is a feather filled 100% cotton cushion in Spruce and Turmeric colour combinations.Dimensions (mm)500 x 500..
$93.50 $110.00
Ex Tax:$93.50
Effervesce Cushion
-15 %
Model: Effervesce Cushion
Dimensions (mm)500 L x 500 H..
$59.50 $70.00
Ex Tax:$59.50
Emery Cushion
-15 %
Model: Emery
The Emery Cushion comes with a feather filled inner and is blue/taupe in colour.Dimensions (mm)450 x 450..
$93.50 $110.00
Ex Tax:$93.50
Emperor Cushion Emperor Cushion
-15 %
Model: Emperor Cushion
Dimensions (mm)450 L x 450 H..
$75.65 $89.00
Ex Tax:$75.65
Essence Cushion Essence Cushion
-15 %
Model: Essence Cushion
Dimension (mm)450 L x 450 HMaterials:Polyester..
$34.00 $40.00
Ex Tax:$34.00
Exotic Floral Cushion
-15 %
Model: Exotic Floral Cushion
Dimensions (mm)450 L x 450 H..
$46.75 $55.00
Ex Tax:$46.75
Gypsy Cushion
-15 %
Model: Gypsy Cushion
Dimensions (mm)450 L x 450 H..
$53.55 $63.00
Ex Tax:$53.55
Indira Cushions Indira Cushions
-15 %
Model: Indira
The Indira cushion with feather inners comes in a range of colours: Ochre, Dusky Turquoise, Blood Orange and Indigo Blue.Dimensions (mm)550 x 550..
$93.08 $109.50
Ex Tax:$93.08
Jersey Cushions 4 piece Jersey Cushions 4 piece
-15 %
Model: Jersey
These contemporary cowhide cushions are designed with a four piece covering. Each cushion is unique in its colouring.Dimensions (mm)400 x 400..
$123.25 $145.00
Ex Tax:$123.25
Maggie's Cushion - Monica Blue Curacao
-15 %
Model: Maggie's
A velvety soft cushion in blue...
$55.25 $65.00
Ex Tax:$55.25
Maggie's Cushion - Stone Aqua/Navy
-15 %
Model: Maggie's
A stunning stone coloured cushion with aqua and navy spots...
$63.75 $75.00
Ex Tax:$63.75
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